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    Mohammad created the topic: RF Rectifier Simulation in ADS
    Hello all

    I am trying to simulate an RF rectifier discussed in an interesting work "K. Niotaki, A. Georgiadis, A. Collado and J. S. Vardakas, "Dual-Band Resistance Compression Networks for Improved Rectifier Performance," in IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, vol. 62, no. 12, pp. 3512-3521, Dec. 2014." (Link: ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?arnumber=6957619 )

    My simulation setup (fig1) and the corresponding results (fig2) are attached. I have also attached the schematic (fig3) and the corresponding result (fig4) shown in the above mentioned paper. May be due to file size, I am unable to attache the figures, so here is the link to my google drive:


    I have couple of questions:
    (a) Since I am doing the rectifier simulation first time (after reading many threads on edaboard), please tell me if my way to simulate the circuit (that is the simulation setup) for efficiency is correct or not.

    (b) I have defined the efficiency in two ways: eff and eff1. Which one is the correct formula? I think it should be eff1 as it it measures efficiency with respect to the input power. I think in eff, the reflected power is not being considered. I am not sure, please suggest correct way to measure efficiency.

    (c) Neither eff nor eff1 matches exactly with the result shown in the paper (fig4, I am considering two unit cells at 915MHz). Why is this happening? I am considering the same diodes and have taken their model parameters from the datasheet (I guess the authors have taken it from the same datasheet- perhaps the only resource available online).

    Thanks in advance for your precious time.
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    Microwaves101 replied to the topic: RF Rectifier Simulation in ADS


    Sorry this was not answered quicker... there was a slight breakdown in the message board structure and your question was not directly routed to the right people as it should have been.

    We have tracked down Apostolos Georgiadis, an author of the paper you referenced, he is at RWW conference this week but I expect he will supply the information you need shortly.


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    Microwaves101 replied to the topic: RF Rectifier Simulation in ADS

    Answer from Apostolos....
    (posted by Steve)

    a) the schematic looks good. In relation to question c) the paper also uses parasitic L and C for the diode package. The datasheet should provide these values.
    b) regarding efficiency. In the paper we use input available power Pav. This would correspond to the expression using dbmtow(pin).
    The expression using the power probe calculates the efficiency using the input power Pin. Both efficiency definitions are correct, they are just different. Since Pav >= Pin if you use available power you get a lower bound of the efficiency.
    c) I would guess the difference is the package parasitics. The datasheet or some application note gives some indicative parasitic values for the various diode packages. Also in the paper we simulated the layout in Momentum and included this in the schematic but I don’t have it
    in front of me now and I don’t remember if the figure they refer to also includes the layout simulation.

    I hope this helps.
    Best regards,
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    Mohammad replied to the topic: RF Rectifier Simulation in ADS

    Hi steve

    Thank you so much for getting in touch with the authors. Actually, I really needed the answer quickly due to a deadline, therefore, I had already taken this discussion to edaboard . But it is great to hear from the authors; I really forgot to include the package parasitics, and that might be the reason for deviation from the original results.
    Once, my discussion at edaboard is final, I would post the summary of my findings in this thread for the future audience to this thread.

    Thanks, again.

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    gaurav18 replied to the topic: RF Rectifier Simulation in ADS

    Hello sir,

    I am Trying to simulate a voltage Doubler rectifier for rectenna for RF Energy harvesting in ADS (2016 version) . sir,i want to know how to create a layout from schematic by using EM co-simulation since, its having discrete components such as R, L, C, , Diodes etc . so can you please guide me or tell me steps to create layout from schematic by using EM co-simulation or vice versa. since i am project on RF Energy Harvesting so, kindly help me as soon as possible I will be very grateful to you . please find attached schematic diagram.
    Thank You
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    colin_warwick replied to the topic: RF Rectifier Simulation in ADS

    Hello gaurav18, Sure! Please see the following page for info on how to learn ADS www.keysight.com/find/eesof-class . There are some books and e-learning opportunities towards the bottom. Or contact our tech support

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    Mohammad replied to the topic: RF Rectifier Simulation in ADS

    Gaurav, please go through the Wilkinson Power divider Example on page 47, in the ADS cookbook to learn how to include a lumped component:


    Just a quick point: if you include extra transmission lines to serve as PADS for the SMD element along with a GAP element, it will greatly help you automatically generate the layout from the schematic:

    If you still have any question, please start a new post.
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