• Pamela
    My dad is John R. P. Bordenave, and our family was never allowed to know what his work entailed because it was top security. I am hoping that someone could show me which Satellite my father's antenna was used by NASA somewhere between 1960's - 1975+. I am told his antenna used on the satellite was special because it was able to withstand re-entry through the atmosphere.

    Rugged multimode antenna this is one of his patents. My dad worked with Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky at SLAC, https://www.slac.stanford.edu/.../twomile/Chapter_12.pdf "Acknowledgments: Many people contributed to the conceptual and technical development of the automatic phasing system." Again reference to my dad's contributions to antenna/microwave technology. I have a piece of copper that was "popped" by microwave technology that he brought home from his testing at SLAC. Before SLAC, dad worked with Philco and GE, Alcatel in France. Dad continued his work on antenna technology and communications with Harris Corp. and completed his work with Lockheed before his passing. My dad received a medal of recognition for his work in microwave technology.

    I am grateful for any knowledge. I would love to have some concrete information of my dads historical contributions to microwave and satellite communications. Through the internet, I have been able to find snipits of declassified information. I have his note cards that he created to reference his work at SLAC, including several formulas and illustrations. Unfortunately, I am lacking the skills to read it in French. If someone is interested to see an image of those cards, please let me know.

    - thanks
  • Admin
    Hi, Pamela, we do have some readers who speak French - could you send us an image and we will pass it along? Email to
  • SM4RZW
    I have a native French RF-engineer as colleague, I'm sure he can give it a try.
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