• lucas
    Im trying to simulate a modified wilkinson for a UHF aplication , It is a 1 section wilkinso, that insted to add the regular 100R resistor between the 2 input( or output if it is a spliter) we conect 2 cables 70 ohms , but at the end of the cables we do a swap from inner to ground , asn you can see in the picture attached - Wilkinson modified. and it is connected to a 50 ohms ground termination.

    This work well in real world ( we already use it on out UHF amplifiers) but , as it use 2 cables (L/4) the reptibility is not so good because can we have a assembly problems .

    Im inted to do a other change, that is just create a board with the 2 arms os wilkinson (70.4 Ohms) , and connect one L/4 trace ( the one that is direct connect to the termination) and the other side im inted to connect a single cable doing the cross or swap from the inner to ground.

    This simulation works very fine in Genesys but now im inted to simulate it in HFSS but the results are to much diferent from each other and i cant see the reason for this differences .

    can anyone help me on that ?

    i can even share my HFSS file.
    wilkinson_Modified_01 (45K)
    Wilkinson_board_01 (27K)
  • UnknownEditor
    That is an interesting network, is it published somewhere? I don't know HFSS well enough to help with that, but maybe you need to consider how far the cables are from ground. The outer jacket of one of the cables will be hot with RF energy, allowing it to be close to ground may change the result do you have a 3D image we can look at?

  • Aparna Bhuvanagiri
    Genesys uses 2.5D simulation while HFSS uses 3D simulation. I'm facing similar problem except that I used resistors and even I got different results from these softwares and I'm still working on that. Can you share your files so that I can see the problem?
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