• UnknownEditor
    We are discussing holding a special session on Microwaves101 at the 2024 IMS conference. This is still in development, topics might include

    1. Some perspective on the site from the Unknown Editor
    2. IMS committee comments on collaborations, which will focus on getting people to contribute content with assurances that MTT-S is not trying to take over the site
    3. One or more individuals that have contributed material making not-too-technical presentations on engineering problems they have solved for the rest of us, mixed in with shameless marketing materials

    It is possible that beverages and snacks could be used to draw a crowd, much like at Ebenezer Scrooge's funeral.

    The venue will be open to all, no one will be checking for IMS badges.

    We are considering live streaming the event so that you don't have to attend the conference to participate. Of course you know that there is a certain amount of risk when old people attempt to use modern collaborative tools, so you can expect a lot of "can you hear me?" and echoes when multiple microphones are left on.

    Any suggestions?

  • epos
    Please do livestream!
  • madengr
    I plan on going to IMS this year, though paying myself as employer is too cheap.
  • UnknownEditor
    Glad to see you there! It turns out we were too late to organize a livestream. Instead they may allow us to have a booth a Women in Microwaves or Young Professionals event which of course is members only and not what we had in mind. But it looks we still have time to launch an MTT-S Microwaves101 tee-shirt to give away... We will try to get some interest in a live stream for 2025 IMS, however, the only way to get something like that launched for sure it to get more involved in IMS committees, which is not something we are anxious to do. We'll keep you posted!
  • villagetunic
    Although the cost would be too high for me to cover as an employer, I still plan to go to IMS this year.
    geometry dash
  • UnknownEditor
    We will be "presenting" at one of the Young Professional events at IMS 2024, I think on Thursday. If anyone wants a Microwaves101/MTTS T-shirt, we will have them there. Stop by the booth any time during the week and use the password "Afghanistan Bananastan" and we might be able to hook you up with some merch if you can't make the YP event.
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