• Coupler Design Question
    Attached is what I have so far using ADS.

    My next step is to figure out where to go from here to reach the design specifications. How can I figure out what to change the widths and lengths of the lines to? And when I run my simulation and create my graphs, what should I be looking for within the S parameters? What should I be graphing together?
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  • Coupler Design Question
    Thank you for responding and sorry for the lack of details,

    The center frequency must be 1.575GHz, Insertion Loss <5dB, Isolation >20.0dB, Phase Balance at the output <5 degrees, VSWR over passband <1.5 : 1, amplitude Balance at output <1dB.

    Since I last posted I have thought about doing a 4 output wilkinson power divider. I would love to know your thoughts


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