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About "Yes honey. You have our ass's all afternoon to do as you please with." Lexi said. "Awesome! How should we start?" I said. "You tell us. You're in charge. We will do whatever you want." Lexi drew out the whatever. I thought for a minute. "Both of you kneel on the edge of the couch, side by side." I said The girls plugged asses were up in the air and pointed right at me. I had hours so I was going to take my time to give their buttholes the attention they deserved. I kissed and caressed every inch of their ass's. Then I took hold of the plugs. With one in each hand I played. I would pull and twisted them. I fucked each girl with the plugs. Holly was noticeably looser than Lexi. Lexi's ass held the plug tightly, while Holly's ass was accepting and open. Plainly it was from her anal training. Holly's ass was ready for a dick. Lexi needed more encouragement. "Blow me Lexi and make it wet. Holly's ass is ready for my dick." I said. "No." Lexi said. "Why?" I asked back confused. "Only hole for you is our assholes. No exceptions." Lexi said. "Okay then we do it another way. Lick Holly's asshole and make it really wet." I said. "Good solution honey." Lexi said with a smile. Kneeling on the couch, Lexi licked Holly's spread ass. Lexi took her time and left plenty of moisture behind. Lexi then grabbed me by the base of my penis and directed my cock into Holly. I slid past her sphincter easily. The thin skin of her ass stretched around my shaft and accepted every inch of me. Once in, I fucked her. Her ass was just as good as I remembered. The soft and tight walls were incredible. Her tender and full ass felt amazing as I would bottom out and push against her. Lexi joined me in admiring the amazing view, "This is the hottest thing I have ever seen." Lexi said. "You like watching anal, don't you?" I said to Lexi. "Umm huh." Lexi mumbled. "Just wait till you see her ride me. It's even better." I said. Lexi only smiled in response as she cuddled up next to me closer. Lexi had one hand on Holly and the other on me. "Are you sure about no other holes?" I whispered to Lexi. Lexi nodded her head and then asked, "Why?" I had visions of putting Lexi's face right next to Holly's ass, then pulling out of the anal canal and ramming my cock down Lexi's throat. Repeating the process over and over. I only smiled and shrugged my shoulder. Lexi stared at me with ideas running through her mind. I was ready to get Lexi more involved. She stood on the couch with Holly between her legs. Her ass was at eye level with me and she bent forward, grabbing the back of the couch. My favorite ass was inches from my face. Lets just say I got distracted and stopped fucking Holly. Holly moaned in confusion, until she looked up to see Lexi above her. Holly took control and did all the moving herself. She fucked me, pounding back on my cock. Not thirty seconds later did she fuck herself to orgasm. Her pace quickened and her screams were loud. Holly never stopped after her orgasm. She continued to fuck me with a determination to get me to cum in her ass. Luckily for me I was distracted so I lasted through her pounding. My distraction was my wife's amazing ass. I attacked her crack with a tongue-lashing. Lexi smelled of some tropical fruit and tasted sweet. Whatever the girls did in the bathroom worked. I ate Lexi's puckered hole. The more I worked her ass the more welcoming it became. Her ass opened as I tongue fucked her. After I did everything I could with my mouth, I switched to my fingers. I skipped one finger and pushed in two. Lexi took them easy. Then I pushed a third. Lexi's ass was becoming much more accepting. Don't get me wrong, she was still super tight, just not nearly as tight as before. Lexi could no way take a cock cold turkey like Holly but with a little warm up her ass was ready. Lexi's ass was all consuming in my mind until I felt a stir in my genitals. I looked down to see Holly's ass twerking on my cock. When I say twerking I mean what you see in rap videos where the girls ass's are bouncing incredibly fast. Holly could have been in a rap video with how she was moving. Her ass might have needed to be bigger though. For me, I could not believe the sensation and visual stimulus. Lexi had turned to see the action. We were both amazed.
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